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It's simple and short (for now)

Be paid in favors (e.g. help in your projects), gifts (games, software), perks (VPS, VPN, 88GB+ Cloud Storage, paid memberships and plans), or the most common - money (via Uphold, worst case - PayPal)

There are multiple types (categories) of workflow.
1. Fulltime - By completing tasks (No time limit. If it's a difficult task - also the amount of time it took you to figure everything out as long as everything is documented well or available as a recording/livestream)
2. Fulltime & Part time - By completing task within timeframe (Time limit. If it's a difficult task - also the amount of time it took you to figure everything out)
3. On demand - Helping out, giving guidence to go in the right direction, or when needed to code particular feature. Just being available.

We'll be expanding this as time goes on. Until it evolves into a more formal and clearer document. Keep in mind exploiting or abuse of what's currently written "weakpoins" won't really help.
Keep in mind NDA at times may apply even if not said (e.g. preparing for something, internal stuff like non public code etc)...
P.S. Taxes will need to be handled by you.

Should I choose badshq, or

badshq - is usually for adults, aka legal age where you're no longer considered as a child. Over here taxes can be handeled by us, paycheck is stable, but you'll really need to be serious here.
You'll need to provide real name and maybe even some other information. - can accept anyone between ages 13-18 (and older if you really want, or if you just to stay more private) if you're qualified. You can help out on smaller things, learn, and gather some work experience which can be helpful in the future.
Also you'll get TrustCV which later can be reworked into badshq (or when you're older). And yes, you'll be able to enter real name and update information at a later date, even if you're no longer part of or badshq

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