Welcome to bads.tm
Why we are here?
We use the third "out of box" choice
Rather having 1 or 2 choices, we'll try to find the best according to criteria.
We want to create something awesome, and be sustainable, rather than being greedy arts (profits first) group.
Our Core Values
Transperancy, Honesty, Credability, Respect, Responsivness, Quality first.
We at bads.tm believe in second chances and heavily believe strongly that people can improve as human beings, learn from their mistakes and blossom in this world. Which is why we won't tolerate discrimination against race, sexual orientation, disability or background. If you're having a problem with anyone, we will try to mediate the situation and work with you to solve any issues you may have. We have a strict zero tolerance stance on bullying and discrimination.
Wanna join us?
Help shape something, or bring something awesome together with us!
If you would like to Support us, it would really help us continue our development and keep the lights on!
Check out our donation, referal, and other links in ultrapage. Even sharing or talking about us, helps! Everything helps!